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Karen Tomfohr Fitzgerald: Clay is my canvas.  My passion is creating art that, quite literally, draws you into the piece.  I love to create detail that keeps you thinking and contemplating why something has been added or left out.  I want to provoke thought and conversation, create a piece you can become a part of, and, perhaps resonate with the message I'm hoping to convey.  


I love watching people's emotions stir and, enjoy a giggle or two over my work. Art has allowed me to express my fanciful, capricious and inventive nature.  I enjoy the profound and intriguing message of sociological satire and I thrive on originality and creativity.


I've studied under Yoshio Taylor, one of Sacramento Valley's foremost artists in the field of ceramics.  For the fourth year in a row my work has been honored in a local juried art show, in West Sacramento, judged by representatives of the Crocker Art Museum. 


My work has received first and second prize awards in Juried Exhibitions. I won the Peoples Choice Award with nearly 300 voting at a one-night-only show in Sacramento.  Most recently, I was a featured artist in the 35th annual art exhibition at Cal Poly Pomona, Ink & Clay 35.

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